Intended parents can be sure that surrogacy program at IFG is conducted with maximum comfort; hospitable and highly-qualified staff will spare no effort to their dream of being parents to come true. Genetic parents of the future baby will be offered with a full package of services, which covers assistance in choosing and examining a surrogate mother, examining if the intended parents, organization of egg-donation program in case of need, in-vitro fertilization procedure, medication support and screening of pregnancy during all the term, psychological support of the surrogate and the couple, organizing delivery of the child and legal assistance in obtaining Ukrainian certificate of birth.

Surrogacy programs

Program Guaranteed surrogacy + Egg donation

  • 3 embryo transfers. Guarantee of 6 embryos.
  • 100% child birth

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  • Management and preparation of the program (invitations and visa assistance, legal consultation, preparation and verification of the documents required for the start of the program), selection and examination of the Surrogates and Egg Donors.
  • All Egg Donors’ compensation, including managing and travel – Donors from our database.
  • Embryo freezing and semen freezing and storage.
  • All expenses of delivery including C-section (only in case of medical indications), fees of obstetrician, anesthetist, neonatologist, pediatrician and the rest of medical staff in the hospital.
  • Transfers from/to airport/maternity hospital/clinic.
  • All medical payments, including examinations of the Intended Father (critical infections, semen analysis, DNA fragmentation, blood group and Rh factor), medications and clinic charges (for unlimited attempts).
  • Nanny services 9:00-18:00.
  • 3 visits of English-speaking pediatrician to the accommodatio place.
  • Primary genetic examinations for the newborn child.
  • All Surrogate compensation payments, including managing, travel, accommodation, pregnancy clothes, insurance during pregnancy, ET, monthly and final compensations (for unlimited attempts).
  • PGS and gender selection of the received embryos. Guarantee of the transfer of only healthy embryos of the indicated by the Intended Parents gender!
  • Pregnancy care and screening, primary genetic testing (PRISCA I and PRISCA II), personal control of the coordinator on the pregnant Surrogate. Regular English reports after the scans and screenings. Assistance/translation during Skype or personal meetings with the Surrogate.
  • Preparation of the documents before registration of the child, applying and obtaining Ukrainian certificate of birth for the newborn child.
  • Unlimited IVF attempts (fresh Egg Donation programs, frozen embryo transfers) until pregnancy confirmation.
  • 1 month accommodation for the Intended Parents after the childbirth with all the things needed to take care of the newborn child.
  • Additional expenses:

    • Twins compensation
    • Go Home Package.
    • Neonatal care (in case of premature delivery).
  • Acceptance - sperm parameters:

    • total motility count 5 and more millions of motal sperm;
    • more than 5% of morphologically normal sperm;
    • normal range of DNA fragmentation (done less than 3 months prior to fertilization date).

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