The birth of a child with the help of surrogacy is a very important and long-awaited moment for every parent who has decided to do this step. Quite often, this process is accompanied by long-term medical procedures and expectations. Once parents receive their newborn infant, it seems that all the stages of this trip have passed, and, there are only formalities ahead. However, after the birth of a child another extremely responsible and important step of this journey begins: obtaining a citizenship for a child, giving parents all the parental rights, and receiving a temporary travel document / passport for a child that will ensure safe and successful return of the whole family home.

  • Legal advice of the English speaking lawyer.

    During the whole surrogacy program, potential parents have the opportunity to get legal advice from a highly qualified English-speaking lawyer on any issues they may be interested in, besides, parents will have comprehensive legal support not only during the program, but also after the birth of a child, before their return back home, and if necessary, till the legal process is finished in their home country.

  • Birth Certificate.

    One of the first child’s documents is his/her birth certificate. Our lawyer will prepare all necessary documents as soon as possible and organize the process of obtaining of these documents for your baby. Moreover, according to the legislation of Ukraine in the birth certificate of a child, the married couple, who gave consent to the transfer of the embryo, is indicated as parents, information about the surrogate mother is not mentioned. In addition, due to the legislation of Ukraine, a surrogate mother is not recognized as a mother of a child, who was born by her with the help of assisted reproductive technology, she does not have parental rights for this child, and she cannot establish these rights in court.

  • Embassy preparations. Child travel passport receiving.

    The next step is to prepare documents that are submitted to the Embassy to receive a travel document/passport for your child. Here all depends on your citizenship, and on the requirements of the embassy, which relate to the parents whose child was born with the help of surrogacy. Usually, most of the Embassies, already have a clear and systematic procedure for issuing a document for a child born due to surrogate motherhood, and there is a clear list of documents, which should be provided.

  • We are proud to inform you that we have an excellent long-term experience of cooperation with the Embassies of different countries. Our lawyer will provide you with the full guidance and support during the program, and will prepare all the documents required by your Embassy. All documents which are to be submitted to the Embassy will be processed in accordance with the requirements of your embassy will be translated by a certified translator, whose signature will be certified in the presence of a notary, and your child's birth certificate will have an Apostille or be legalized. Furthermore, our lawyer will accompany you on your trip
  • Kiev to submit documents to the embassy. Thus, you are never alone; always feel strong support of our team. Sometimes, when parents return home, a court process in their country begins, and additional documents are required from the surrogate mother (for example, in Ireland, Britain, Germany). Our lawyer will be in touch with your local lawyer to arrange additional documents, and to provide you with further assistance in confirmation or recognition of a new citizen in your country of residence.


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