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IFG is a worldwide IVF and surrogacy agency offering the full range of treatment programs for international families.Embryo transfers are conducted in Ukraine, Albania, Georgia and Slovakia with the supervision of fertility doctors. Consultations for the patients are provided by multilingual coordinators. At IFG, you will encounter understanding and sincere desire to help your dream of becoming parents come true!


  • Established relationships with proven IVF clinics

    We work with the most advanced IVF clinics in Ukraine, Albania, Georgia and Slovakia which are officially certified by the Ministry of Health. IVF and Surrogacy programs have been successfully conducted at these clinics since 2005, and, during this period, 820 cycles were done and 603 happy children were born.

  • 10 years of experience working with leading medical centers

    Assuta Hospital, Shamir Medical Center (Assaf Harofeh), Herzliya Medical Center, Hadassah Hospital are among our trusted partners.

  • Huge choice of egg, sperm donors and surrogate mothers

    Our database includes more than 350 egg donors , 200 sperm donors and 120 surrogates.

  • Affordable IVF and Surrogacy treatment programs

    From standard to guaranteed infertility treatment packages.

  • Flexible online consultation schedule and individual patient care

    We are available for private IVF and surrogacy consultations via Skype or at our office. Personal coordinator from the first minutes of contact, speaking English, French, Spanish, German, Chinese.

  • IVF and Surrogacy lawyer support

    IFG has attorneys on staff to help with your legal work and insurance. We will take care about a temporary travel document / passport for the child that will ensure safe and successful return of the whole family home.

  • Proven Pregnancy success rate

    Our egg donation program boasts proven pregnancy rates, with a cumulative clinical pregnancy rate of: - 64% after the first attempt; - 77% after the second attempt; - 91% after the third attempt.

    IFG's experienced team has achieved the highest success rates in Europe, providing the best possible outcome for our patients.

  • Aneuploidy screening of embryos before implantation

    Aneuploidy screening of embryos for all 24 chromosomes before implantation has been shown to boost pregnancy success and reduce the risk of miscarriage. Notably, FET after PGS can achieve high implantation rates (75%), pregnancy rates (80%), and live birth rates (77%)

  • Mitochondrial donation for many couples as unique solution to have own biological child

    For many couples and those recommended for oocyte donation, mitochondrial donation presents a unique solution for conceiving a healthy biological child.


We have our own base of surrogate mothers. Having established a base we give our Intended Parents an opportunity to choose a surrogate, who in the greatest degree will meet their requirements

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Egg Donors

IFG offers a wide choice of egg donors available for stimulation in fresh cycles, as well as over 5000 already vitrified oocytes available to be booked immediately.

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The highest success rates in Europe

  • 56


    clinical pregnancy rate in IVF

  • 64


    CPR in EGG donation programs

  • 100


    CPR in Guaranteed Egg donation treatment program

  • Medical Courier Service

    IFG provides safe and reliable transportation of your own reproductive cells (oocytes, sperm, embryos)to our Partner clinic. The service is available both for individual patients and for the centers we collaborate with.

  • Patient Accommodation Service

    In order to make your stay in our clinic more comfortable, we offer Patient Accommodation service.

    • Hotel booking (guaranteed 7-10 % discount on selected rooms, includes all period of your stay in hotel);
    • Car transfer from airport to clinic or hotel;
    • Tour guide services;
    • Organization of cultural activities.

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