After long search and tons of different information of countries, clinics, option, types of the programs we are welcoming you in our harbor, from which, we hope, your ship will take you to obtaining of the biggest dream and happiness of life - becoming parents. You can contact us in the most suitable for you way either phone, email, skype or website. Please be sure that once you have contacted us you will receive the fullest information upon all your questions.

  • Establishing of the legal relations between the parties

    From the very beginning personal coordinator will be assisting and supporting you 24 hours 7 days per week. She will be the one who helps to chase all doubts, clear all the questions and make the process as comfortable as possible. Once you got all the information and the process is transparent and clear for you. We would kindly ask you to provide basic background information and medical history by filling in patient form. Thus, our highly qualified doctors will be able to offer you the most suitable type of the program.

  • Surrogacy program selection. Agreement signing.

    Upon selecting type of the program, the documents should sign to confirm your participation. Legal support provided by an experienced lawyer will help to understand the program from the legislation side of both Ukrainian and your home country.

  • Surrogate mother selection

    The next step is selection of the surrogate mother according to your individual desires and legal aspects of the program. We are offering surrogates, whose state of health is proven by the medical and psychological examinations done in our clinic.

  • Preparation for Embryo Transfer

    Then the exciting process of preparation to the embryo transfer takes place. Fertility doctor assigned to your program will plan the stimulation process, and you will be informed about the dates of all surrogates’ checkups and about the big day of the embryo transfer. On this very special date, one or two embryos, basing on your personal decision, will be transferred to the surrogate’s uterus.

  • Pregnancy confirmation

    After a short waiting period of two weeks, you will receive the result of HCG test, the one that is done to determine pregnancy. The last step to confirm the pregnancy is the 6th week scan during which you will find out the number of fetuses and hear the heartbeat.

  • Pregnancy ultrasound check-ups

    Once the pregnancy is confirmed, it is time to get acquainted with your baby through the photo, video, scan and test results provided by your personal coordinator. You will have the ability not only to meet and speak with the surrogate mother during the pregnancy but also visit the 3d ultrasound scan and meet your baby even before she or he is born.

    Every surrogate mother has individual plan of checkups, scans and tests set by the experienced doctor obstetrician for the constant monitoring of her and baby’s health. All visits and tests are done at our clinic, which guarantee high level of control and accuracy. Moreover, if any additional tests should be done, we will contact the best specialist in the required field of Ukraine to insure that the baby is growing healthy. We are open to communication and ready to answers all the questions that you might have during our pregnancy course. Skype conversation and live meeting with the doctors responsible for your baby and surrogate mother would be organizes upon your request. Our main aim is to organize the whole process in a way, which allows you to be involved in it as much as possible.
  • Child birth

    Nine months fly by quickly and we are on the edge of the biggest miracle in the universe - birth of a new person – your child. The surrogate mother gave birth in the best maternity home. After the birth child stays under the care of doctor neonatologist and child nurses, who surround him/her with warmth and care from the first moment of its life. You will be able meet with your child once it is born and see him/her every day until the discharge, which usually happens on 3rd-6th day after the birth.

  • Legal process

    From the moment the baby is born our lawyer will assist you with the legal process and will prepare all the documents required to get the child back home. Meanwhile you will not be alone; your coordinator will help you with all issues that may appear while you are waiting for child’s documents. This assistance includes organization of nanny, pediatrician, help with communication in everyday life, rent of thing necessary for the baby, etc.


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