• IFG closely cooperates with one of the leading Ukrainian IVF clinic, which is IVMED Fertility Center.

      IVMED is an innovative clinic located in Ukraine, specializing in infertility treatment using ART with its own research in the field of embryology. IVMED was established in 2013 and since there has helped over 10 000 couples to achieve desired babies.The professionalism and technical equipment enable our entire team of specialists to apply 100% of the modern knowledge and methods in the field of assisted reproductive technologies within one clinic.

    • Another close cooperation of our agency is the International Bank of Donors of Oocytes and Sperm OVOGENE Egg Donor Bank. OVOGENE Bank is an international egg donor bank supplying frozen donor eggs and sperm to fertility clinics and patients. They prioritise the quality of their donor eggs, as this is a crucial factor influencing the success of every treatment cycle.

    • Arc Cryo is an international transporting company that specializes in cryoshipping for assisted reproduction. They transport human reproductive cells for fertility clinics and individual IVF patients in more than 80 countries. Arc Cryo are experts in transporting frozen eggs (oocytes), sperm and embryos, as well as medical records, documents and all manner of laboratory specimens.
    • Bio transfer is a medical transportation association created to promote the development of domestic and international transport of biological material (human reproductive cells, animal samples, genetic material) and standardization of medical transport in accordance with modern practices around the World.

HI-Teck Embryology

  • The embryological laboratory is designed in a complete compliance with the recommendations of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology. The lab is isolated in a special sterile box that provides special conditions for working with biological material and cultivating embryos. The lab is equipped with modern devices, which allow to carry out all methods of ART in the laboratory. The air purification for the laboratory is carried out through a system of 4 filters; Final cleaning is carried out through HEPA filters catching particles to more than 0.1 microns.

  • All ART procedures are performed with double control of embryologists, which exclude any mistakes in the work of embryological lab. A special patient identification and labeling system that is unique to each patient. We check these data twice before each process in embryology begins. According to the results of the external audit, the IVMED laboratory is certified due to international ISO standard and registered in the FDA (Food and Drug Administration (USA) system.

  • A well-rounded team of experienced embryologists with solid background in all aspects of Assisted Reproduction

  • Modern equirement

  • Monitoring of all laboratory parameters connected to an alarm system

  • Four-stage air-filtering system in the embryology laboratory

  • Limited access for staff to the embryology laboratory


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