Ukraine's egg donation clinics provide services of assisted reproductive technology. Among all, fertility clinics work with egg retrieval and fresh or frozen egg donation to give patients a chance to start a family. All the procedures are performed according to legal requirements while the cost is affordable.

  • Legal aspects of donation in Ukraine

    The legality of programs with the use of donor material in Ukraine is regulated by Order 787 on the approval of the Procedure for the use of assisted reproductive technologies in Ukraine. Gamete and embryo donation is a procedure by which donors, with written voluntary consent, donate their gametes (sperm, oocytes) or embryos for use by other people in the treatment of infertility.
    According to Ukrainian law, only a healthy woman between the ages of 18 and 36, who has a healthy child, can become an egg donor. In practice, the process of selecting donors varies from clinic to clinic and depends on the experience of the IVF clinics and the desires of infertile couples.
    The egg donors' profiles often include the sperm donor's favorite subjects at school, the languages she speaks, her place of work, her talents and interests, lifestyle, medical history of her family members, and the reasons why she wants to become a donor.
    Couples mostly choose an egg donor according to external data (phenotype), which includes height (above 165-170 cm), weight (without excess weight) and age (up to 30 years old). They often wonder if this donor has donated before and if children have been born as a result, as well as her health and heredity.

  • Advantages of donor programs in Ukraine for foreign patients

    In Ukraine, there is a lack of legal limits in regards to the age of female and male patients. Both married couples and single women are allowed to undergo fertility treatment, including IVF treatments. The sperm and egg donation program is allowed and anonymous, and the maximum number of donor eggs for fertilization is not limited.
    An infertility treatment that offers an excellent chance of success is to use an egg donor who is capable of producing good quality fresh donor eggs. This is a complex treatment that provides a very good chance for pregnancy.
    We can offer you Caucasian egg donors who are pretty, healthy and real. Medical procedures such as ISCI, PGD and PGS are available to diagnose inheritable genetic disorders, and sex selection is possible only for medical reasons. Contrary to other European destinations, surrogacy is allowed and available in Ukraine.

  • Egg donation programs cost in Ukraine

    Despite an established track record in reproductive medicine, modern medical facilities and experienced fertility specialists, Ukraine is known for one of the lowest costs of IVF treatment and egg donation treatments in Europe. Compared to any IVF clinic abroad, the average price of egg donation treatment is €3,500 – €7,000 while the cost of a single IVF cycle with own eggs ranges from about €2,200 to €5,200.

  • Egg donation programs in IFG

    As one of the top IVF clinics in Europe, International Fertility Group offers you a large selection and content of IVF programs to treat infertility. We have IVF procedures with our own oocytes, egg donation and even combined to increase the chances of pregnancy. You can view the content and cost of our egg donation services on our website.
    We will be able to give you access to the catalog and the opportunity to choose the donor that suits you best. According to your medical tests, our doctors will be able to offer you the best protocol for the treatment and stimulation of the ovaries or endometrium. And our coordinators will provide you with information on egg donation in Ukraine and support 24/7.

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