IFG collaborates with Ovogene, which is the only egg bank in the world offering a unique service known as Genetically Certified Oocyte® technology. Oocyte NGS Screening is performed on donor oocytes, determining aneuploidy of the oocytes via a first polar body biopsy. This technology can increases the probability of becoming pregnant from the first attempt*.

Ovogene only offers euploid oocytes, allowing clients to have certainty about the genetic potential of all oocytes. All donors are rigorously screened, undergo a detailed medical diagnosis, genetic testing and psychological consultation for the safety of our patients. You just need to select and book your favorite egg donor from Ovogene online egg donor catalogue.

Egg Donor Bank

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All our egg donor`s are:

  • young and healthy
  • have proven fertility and with to share the joy of parenthood with others;
  • age between 18 and 29 years;
  • do not have any negative phenotypic manifestations;
  • have at least one own healthy child;
  • are physically and health;

Advantages of Egg donor catalog:

  • Proven fertility of all donors
  • No charges for matching process
  • Free egg donor selection
  • No waiting Lists
  • Unlimited access to whole database
  • No egg sharing


We strictly monitor the outcomes of donation programs to ensure their highest possible outcomes. Our on line donor catalog which is permanently updated with new donor profiles will make the donor selection process easy and convenient.

Would you like to get free unlimited access to the full Egg donor catalog?

Please write us in e-mail: info@ifgsurrogacy.com


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