Ukraine is considered to be one of the recognized centers of surrogacy in the world. Legal protection of parental rights of the Intended Parents, considerable cost and quality balance and comfortable location make Ukraine attractive destination for Intended Parents on their way to making their dream about full family come true.

Assisted Reproduction and Surrogacy in Law in Ukraine

  • Surrogacy in Ukraine is absolutely legal and is regulated by the Family Code of Ukraine and other legislative acts. Intended Parents will be able to make their dream about parenthood come true in Ukraine. Clause 2 of Article 123 of the Family Code of Ukraine indicates the origin of the child born by the Surrogate Mother after applying artificial reproductive technologies with the use of gametes of the married couple and defines this couple as legal parents of the child. Clause 3 of the same article establishes the possibility for the couple to use
  • egg or semen donor in IVF programs, and future embryo in any case will be considered as the one who originates from the Intended Parents. In Addition to the Law of Ukraine "On transplantation of organs and other anatomic materials of human" from July 16, 1999 it is mentioned that the spouses, who have consented to the use of assisted reproductive technology, have full parental rights and responsibilities in relation to children, who are born as a result of using these techniques.

What are the requirements for a woman to become a surrogate mother in Ukraine?

Under the Law of Ukraine, a woman, who has a wish to become a surrogate mother, should meet the following criteria:

  • be between 18-36 years old;
  • to have at least one healthy born child;
  • be mentally and physically healthy;

Acknowledgement of paternity

  • Article 123 of the Family Code of Ukraine considers a baby to be a child of genetic parents from the moment of conception. If a couple uses an assisted reproductive technique with gametes from donors, they are the legal parents from the moment the embryo is created. In a process of gestational subrogation, the parents of intention are considered the legal parents as of the moment of transfer of the embryo to the subrogate mother’s uterus. Therefore, she has no right or obligation to the baby.

    After the birth of the baby, two documents will be given to the intended parents:

    • The birth certificate in the name of the biological father and the gestational carrier
    • Renunciation by the gestational carrier
  • With both documents, the intended parents will be able to register in the Ukrainian organism corresponding to their baby as the child of both, without the name of the gestational mother appearing. As for acquiring US citizenship, the child may acquire it at birth if the parent or parents meet the conditions established in the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA). A child born abroad must be biologically related to at least one US citizen parent who is biologically related to him or her.

    To this purpose, DNA testing is required. If the child does not have a biological connection to a US citizen parent, he or she will not acquire US citizenship at birth.

Surrogacy Cost in Ukraine

The cost of IVF, egg donation and surrogacy services in Ukraine is significantly lower than in countries such as the United States, Australia or Canada - offering services at prices 50-70% cheaper than in other countries while the quality of services is growing from year to year. Compared to other international destinations such as India or Mexico, Ukraine has a comparable or lower cost profile even with all travel and lodging expenses included.

Agency Fee $6000 $5000 $4000 $5000
Surrogate Search $15 500 $10 000 $10 000 $1000
Surrogate’s Pay $30 000 $20 000 $13 000 $16 000
Legal Costs $9500 $8500 $2000 $1000
Clinical Fees $8200 $7500 $7750 $7000
Prenatal Care $6200 $5300 $8150 $6000
Delivery $6000 $5500 $3850 $2500
Total Cost $81 400 $61 800 $48 750 $38 500


  • Ukraine is not only the country where you can safely become a parent, but also a beautiful country with rich traditions and places of sightseeing and tourism, so the waiting time becomes more and more pleasant for the future parents.

    Citizens of the European Union, United States, Canada, as well as most of CIS and Scandinavian countries do not need visas to enter Ukraine.

  • Flights to Ukraine are relatively inexpensive and high class accommodation is affordable. The cities in Ukraine, especially western part, are worth a visit because of high-class restaurants, efficient art-deco metro stations, museums, monasteries, and shopping. These favorable features make Ukraine a hot destination for foreigners to seek surrogacy service in this country instead of seeking the same in their own country or other centers of surrogacy.

USA - Ukraine Canada - Ukraine Italy - Ukraine Israel - Ukraine Spain - Ukraine
Flight Cost(2 way ticket) $655 $994 $207 $245 $267

Surrogacy destinations

  • Central Region. Kyiv.

    Most of Ukrainian surrogacy agencies and clinics are located in the capital of Ukraine - Kyiv. Because of easy flights connections from Europe, USA, Canada, Asia, Kyiv became one of the most popular surrogacy in Ukraine destination.

    Ukraine’s capital is a green metropolis on flowing hills next to the Dnieper River. In the middle ages Kiev was the capital of an enormous state occupying a big tranche of Eastern Europe, and you can enter monasteries and cathedrals stemming from this golden age.

  • Western Region. Lviv.

    Another popular region for surrogacy is Western part of Ukraine, the biggest city in this region Lviv, is the popular destination for European citizens because of it’s approximity to EU borders, 70 km driving distance of the Polish-Ukrainian border. Here are located one of the most oldest private Ukrainian reproductive centers, which have more than 20 years experience in ART.

    The old city of Lviv in western Ukraine is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, at the crossroads of cultures and jam packed with historic architecture. Being on a key trade route made Lviv very cosmopolitan in medieval times: Ukrainians, Poles, Armenians, Jews and Germans mixed here for hundreds of years, at a time when this merchants’ city was the capital of the Galicia region.

    That wealth and diversity is manifest in the sublime Renaissance and Baroque houses and churches in the Old Town. These chaotic but cultivated streets host many of the top museums, galleries and performing arts venues in Ukraine.

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