• S&F

    Thanks again for all the wonderful work and help you put in with us.

  • A&C

    Hello! best wishes for the New Year and thank you for helping us to have the child most beautiful in the world!

  • A&M

    Dear ladies, just to let you know we arrived safely home, once again big thank You for all support we received from You during the program

  • T&E

    A huge thank you for being so fantastic throughout the whole pregnancy! Take care

  • T&M

    Thank you very much for your help and guiding us through the process. For your hardwork in preparing all our paperwork

    Best wishes, T&M

  • You have been amazing and saved us lots of time. We are very grateful to you! The babies are happily back in the UK. We got our emergency travel documents and this was only possible due to your excellent help!

    Thank you again

  • Thank you so much for preparing all the documents. They were presented so brilliantly and made the passport application side very efficient. She commented how very organized we were!

  • M&K

    After so many failed attempts, we have turned to you for help and a surrogacy program. Everything went extremely smoothly and our dream of becoming parents came true. Thank you very much!

  • J&O

    Thank you so much Dr. Uliana, second time lucky, at least we found out what the cause was, i am so happy, if only i can get them to term and have healthy babies, thank your team you are so lovely and caring, brilliant clinic, keep making wonderful babies, your so good at it, trust me we Irish need you, you are blessed at making babies, will keep you in my prayers, bless you!

  • So far I am hopeful. Karen

    Hello!! I have a positive beta pregnancy test and I am very happy. I have an ultrasound next week where we will look for a heartbeat. I will write you what the results are.

  • G&B

    2 heartbeats, 2 gestational sacs, 2 perfect little embryos measuring exactly correct. I am still in shock but VERY happy. Wow!


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