Partnership IFG & Fertility specialists: Dr. Liuda from UNQ Life

This video is for IVF doctors, who are interested in Partnership with the International Fertility Group.

The IFG team is pleased to present the interview with our partner - Dr. Liuda from UNQ Life. Meet also MD Uliana Dorofeyeva Founder, Director of Clinical Operations, who represents our partner company Ovogene. She also took part in the interview.

And of course we draw your attention to the charming host of this interview - Khrystyna Mokra. She is Medical coordinator and IVF specialist at IFG.

In this video you will find out how IFG works with doctors who decided to become our partners. We considered the following questions:

  • How long have you been working with IFG and what is your experience?
  • What feedback do you get from patients?
  • What programs are patients most interested in?
  • How is donation and Surrogacy regulated in Ireland and what donor oocyte treatment options / surrogacy programs are available?
  • Do you have any difficulties in working with IFG?

Also in this interview, the presenters discuss painful issues related to the war in Ukraine. IVF Treatment in Ukraine. Relocating of biomaterials from Ukraine to Bratislava. How was the IVF treatment and surrogacy process in Ukraine during this difficult time? How did the doctors manage to find a way out of the situation? You will hear all about it in the interview.

In addition, you will hear about patient feedback, egg donor catalog, success rates, low regulations, cost of the IVF treatment and cost of surrogacy Travels abroad.

If you want to become a doctor - partner of IFG and want to know more about all the conditions and benefits, please don't hesitate to contact Khristina:

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