• How can I choose the egg/sperm donor?

    To find your perfect donor you can use the catalogue from our partners OVOGENE Donor Bank. They provide a huge number of phenotypes and can help you to find the right one. Coordinators of this bank will contact your clinics where you will have the treatment process and with you and your doctor you will find a donor that will match all the criterias. The good thing is that you can book donor immediately in the catalog. For our patients, OVOGENE provides full donor profiles and photos that are available.

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  • How is embryo fertilization performed?

    There are many misconceptions about fertilization and pregnancy. Many people don't understand how and where fertilization takes place or what happens as an embryo develops. Let us describe the process.

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  • What is my chance of success?

    The success of IVF treatment depends on a range of factors. Your doctor has all the information about your treatment program and, therefore, is the best person to discuss your chances with you. You can find the latest results from this clinic and comparisons to national and nearby success rates.

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  • How long will the whole IVF process take?

    Most often, treatment starts with your own “Day 1.” Everyone’s body is different, and your fertility doctor will help you understand how to identify Day 1. The standard course of medication for an antagonist cycle is 14 days. If it is necessary to have a longer cycle, the drug course lasts around 4 weeks.

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  • How to start IVF planning?

    Each woman may face the problem of infertility in her life. But you shouldn’t worry about it that much, all you need to do is to make sure that you will have a proper treatment process with the right medication.

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