How long will the whole IVF process take?

Most often, treatment starts with your own “Day 1.” Everyone’s body is different, and your fertility doctor will help you understand how to identify Day 1. The standard course of medication for an antagonist cycle is 14 days. If it is necessary to have a longer cycle, the drug course lasts around 4 weeks.

Then, you will have your egg retrieval procedure. 3 or 5 days after your egg collection, you will generally have your embryo transfer. This is the standard time frame for IVF cycles, but individual circumstances may alter these timing. If you have a doctor who can monitor your ovulation stimulation at the same time, it is possible to arrange your visit for approximately 1 week.

Remember, that IVF treatment is an individual process and can be provided under the control of your doctor only. Each IVF process consists of hormone-changing medications, but with the control of professional specialists, you won’t feel any side effects.

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