Go home package. Safe return at home with a new born baby.

Very often IPs (Intended parents) afraid to start the surrogacy program because they do not know legal part of preparing the documents for their newborn baby.

That’s why our clinic propose Go Home Package:

  • Legal advice related to the implementation of surrogacy programs;
  • Legal advice provision related to the execution of the documents, explanation of the context of the documents;
  • Assistance in the procedure of the execution of the documents;
  • Translation, notary certification, legalization of the documents;
  • Preparation of the projects of required documents;
  • Assistance during the registration of the newborn child (children) in the Civil Registration Services and obtainment the birth certificate of the child (children);
  • Assistance in the selection of the optimized way of obtainment the passport/ travel emergency document for a child (children);
  • Preparation the package of documents due to the requirements of the Embassy of the country of the Intended Parents after the child is born;
  • Assistance a surrogate mother in execution the documents;
  • Provision the legal support in the registration procedures and legal proceedings for Intended Parents in their country of residence;.

Our team will do our best to help you became parents!



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