FAQ. Surrogacy

Nowadays, many couples who are planning to embark on a difficult journey into surrogacy have a wide range of doubts and questions, weighing the pros and cons. Today we will answer the most frequently asked questions about participation in surrogacy program with donor oocytes.


Who can participate in the surrogacy program?

Only officially married couple and have an infertility diagnosis approved by a fertility specialist, confirming that the wife cannot get pregnant or gestate pregnancy without risk for health or life.

Can homosexual couple take part in the surrogacy program even if they are married?

No, due to the Ukrainian legislation, it must be only heterosexual couple.

How long does the entire process take? Start to finish?

Depends how long you will choose the donor and SM (surrogate mother). Usually from the beginning of the process and until baby birth - 1 year.

Is there a waiting time for surrogates?

We have many candidates, but if you would like to choose by some parameters (blood type, occupation, education, etc.) it can take a while.

Is there a waiting time for Donor eggs?

Usually, our donors are ready in a month. Nevertheless, if the donor has a program not long ago, she needs a rest for 3 months.

What if there is a break down in the process ?

- What happens if the embryo transfer fails?

- What happens if there is a miscarriage?

If you have more embryos that are available, you can do a new attempt.


Do you offer a guaranteed baby program?

Yes, our clinic offers a guaranteed baby program, namely All-inclusive program.

Does the NICU expenses included to the surrogacy program? Is there any insurance for SM?

NICU and all medical costs are paid additional by parents. We have insurance for surrogate mother - paid additionally.

Does the contract cover payment to the surrogate if they have a miscarriage or hysterectomy?

No, it is paid additionally.


Are the donors screened for genetic issues?


Can we see photographs of the donors?

Yes, we can provide an access to our donors' database.

Do you freeze the remaining embryos if successful on first attempt?


How long will you keep any frozen embryos?

According to the package, you will choose.

Which nationality are the donors?

Almost all are Ukrainians. The information about donors' nationality are in their profiles. However, we also work with First Egg Bank (FEB) which has many donors any nationality.

Do you blood type match donor eggs to IPs?

As you are the one who chooses the donor - the information about their blood type will be in their profiles.

Is it possible to have a known Egg Donor who we may know her identity?

Yes, identified donor costs an additional - 1000 EUR.


Do you medically screen surrogates for disease and mental health issues? How extensive is this screening?

Yes, we can introduce you the list of the whole examinations, which SM overdo.

Do you offer psychological assessments for surrogates?

Yes, this is one of the obligatory examinations for surrogates.

How do you match surrogates to IPs. Will you give us options?

Yes. After signing the documents, we provide IP’s with the profiles of the SM's one by one that is available at the moment.

Where do the surrogates live whilst they are pregnant?

From the 20th weeks of pregnancy, they are moving to Lviv.

What is the social background of the surrogates – are they married? Do they already have children? Have they been surrogates before? Did they go to university?

Some of them are married, some of them are not. The candidate for SM should have a least one healthy baby. Some of them were surrogates before. All the needed information about SM is in their profiles.

How do you ensure the surrogate is alcohol, smoke and drug free during her pregnancy?

We testing them every few weeks for alcohol and drugs. All of them know that is prohibited.

What happens if the surrogate unexpectedly goes into labour at 2.00am?

Then she goes to the hospital with the coordinator from our clinic and the doctor will check her and said if it's true labors and the birth will be soon.

To what extent is contact encouraged between the surrogate and the intended parents?

If IP’s would like to, they can meet their SM in person during pregnancy. We can also arrange video calls.

Do you offer the surrogate counseling after birth? Is this included in our costs?


What hospital do you use for the birth?

1st Lviv Maternity hospital for now. However, we started to build our own.

Can we be assured not to be offered an O RH Negative surrogate or are their guarantees and medical proof that the surrogate has received Anti D injection after last pregnancy and prior to our pregnancy?

Yes. You will be able to choose SM and you will have an information about her blood type.


Are the Baby/babies legal documents covered by the clinic's legal team for certification and legal stamp or do you have to retain your own legal adviser in the country of the clinic?

Once IP’s baby born, our lawyer will be responsible for preparing all legal documents, which will be required by their Embassy. Program covers only obtaining baby's birth certificate, preparing of other documents, isn't cover by program, and it is cost additional.

How do you ensure our legal protection?

Due to Ukrainian legislation, surrogate mother is not considered as a mother of a child, and all parental rights for this child have only intended parents, also, due to Ukrainian legislation, surrogate mother doesn't have rights to apply to court for receiving parental rights for this baby. Furthermore, in the agreement, which surrogate mother signs with us, mention that she understand, that she is not a mother of a child, she doesn't have any rights for this child and she agree to sign all documents, which will be needed for Embassy for receiving passport/emergency travel certificate by baby, which allow him/her to leave Ukraine, also she agree to sign all documents, which will be needed for post birth process after that, when parents return home.

Will the surrogate mother sign a contract to say she will be available to be contacted up to the point of parental order being granted?

In the surrogate mother's contract mention that she agrees to sign all documents, which are needed for finishing the legal process, so she will be in contact with us till it is needed.

The Baby

What if any medical care is included for baby after it is released from hospital into our care? Vaccinations?

Yes, BCG and Hepatitis are done in the Maternity hospital after IP’s will agree on it.

Will we be provided with English speaking GP facility contact details.

Yes. In our clinic, there are English speaking GP.


Is accommodation included in our package? If not will we receive help in locating accommodation for the duration of our stay?

It is included in All-inclusive package.

Are any baby essentials provided for baby after discharge? Weighing scales. Steriliser. bottles, nappies, baby food? if not then where can we purchase them?

All-inclusive package includes a stroller, baby bath, sterilizer, baby bed, and table for baby. Not all other packages do but we will help IP’s to rent them if needed.

Is there a Day nanny provided for the duration of our stay to help with baby?

All-inclusive package includes nanny services Mn-Fr from 9 am to 6 pm.



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